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Time to launch your own brand

Now is a good time to get started with your private label if you wish to launch this Fall. We sat down with Jiyoung, our lead in these projects, to discuss some of the common questions we get from interested buyers.

Tags, packaging and barcoding

Our products will generally ship without swing tags or barcodes and in bulk packaging. We now offer new services to make things easier at your warehouse or fulfillment center and to have the products ready to be shipped to your buyers.

Recommended Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a powerful sales and marketing channel for fashion retailers. But it is also a great way to get inspired and to get a sense of new fashion trends. We compiled a list of Korean Instagram accounts for you to follow when you are interested to see what is trendy in Korea.
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KC Mark

Perhaps you have seen the KC mark on the tags of our baby and children clothing. In this article we give a high-level explanation of what the KC mark stands for.
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Working conditions in South Korea

Our buyers often ask us how the working conditions are in the factories where the clothing is manufactured. In this article we will discuss this matter in some detail with some facts we found for you in various public sources.

Short holidays

We have two one-day holidays coming up (May 5 and 19). Those holidays will have minor disruptions in our order processing.
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We are experiencing technical difficulties on our site and have made it our priority to resolve that first. Our customer service team is therefore not available at this moment.
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Bebe Holic – Brand Highlight

Yesterday Bebe Holic released their Spring 2021 collection. They are the first brand to kick off the new season. Let us introduce this brand to you in a bit more detail.
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We have updated our terms and conditions. The new terms and conditions will be in effect from January 1, 2021. The main change is how we deal with the cancelations of backordered items.
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Closed during Xmas holidays 2020

We close from December 21 to January 3. Please place your order before December 13 if you still want to have it shipped this year.
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Closed during Korean Thanksgiving 2020

At the start of October there will be a big Korean national holiday. Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, is one of the biggest and most important holidays in Korea. In 2020, Chuseok Day falls on October 1. As the day before and the day after are also part of the holiday, this year’s holiday period is
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Vacation time – July 6 to 31

The first half of 2020 is almost over and it is time for a break. Just so we are completely refreshed before the start of the new season.
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