What are the benefits of having your own fashion brand?

Standing Out in Style: Differentiating Your Store with Your Own Brand

Venturing into the realm of fashion retail is commonly done through stocking ready-made garments or collaborating with pre-order designer brands. However, amidst the intensifying competition and saturation within the market, many retailers seek to carve out their unique niche. Establishing your own clothing brand is not only a cherished aspiration for many but also a strategic maneuver to distinguish your store from the rest.

Embarking on the journey of brand creation may seem daunting at first glance. While it entails significant effort and financial investment, the process is not as insurmountable as it appears. Nevertheless, prudent consideration is crucial before diving in headfirst. In this article, we’ll explore the myriad benefits that make this endeavor worthwhile, helping you make an informed decision.

Benefits of having your own brand

Starting your own clothing line through private labeling offers several benefits compared to stocking ready-made clothing from other brands:

  • Brand control: You have complete control over the branding, which includes the design, sizing, quality, and marketing of your products.
  • Higher margins: Private label products can be sold at a higher price point than generic or off-brand items, potentially leading to better profit margins.
  • Customization: There’s flexibility to make changes such as sizing, colors, fabrics, or embellishments based on customer feedback or market trends without additional charges. You can make the clothes completely fit your customers’ needs and wishes.
  • Tags with the information important to you: Of course, the tags will have your brand name and the standard information like size and country of origin. But there is opportunity to add more. One of our client’s really wanted to stress that their brand was sweatshop free and added that disclaimer to the tag.
  • Truly unique design: This basically is a form of exclusivity because the design you made yourself will not be available anywhere else. This helps you to distinguish yourself from the competition. Unless you grow your brand and start wholesaling it to other stores.
  • Only you benefit from your marketing efforts: All efforts and money spent to promote your brand and your clothing line will only benefit you. There is no unintended spillover to your competitors. This is different when you promote clothes from other brands because resellers of the same brands will benefit from the increased brand awareness that you helped to create.
  • Better brand loyalty: In the past, consumers largely saw brand-name goods as superior to private labels. Today, however, store brand or private label goods have made a name for themselves in the world of high-quality goods. A better reputation surrounding private label products has led to better brand loyalty, with consumers staying loyal to one store because they know that is the only place they can find the private label item.
  • Elevate your store image: Having a signature product line helps to establish your company and brand as a trusted resource in your field. Branded, signature products can be made with high quality fabrics that are designed to meet the specific needs of your customers. Your customers will know they are getting the best possible quality products from you, which helps to elevate your brand in their mind.

Conclusion: These benefits can contribute to a stronger brand presence in the market and can be a strategic move for long-term growth and customer loyalty.

KKAMI can help

At KKAMI you can order ready-made garments from 600+ Korean brands. Just visit our shop page to browse the thousands of great designs those brands have to offer you.

But we can also assist you with creating your own fashion label. It is probably easier than you might think.

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