Success stories for launching your own Fashion brand

Fashioning Success: Case Studies in Launching Profitable Clothing Lines

As of the time of writing, we are currently assisting nine different clothing stores simultaneously in realizing their aspirations of launching their own fashion brands, with a track record of aiding numerous other stores worldwide. Our process involves refining their ideas, guiding them toward optimal solutions, connecting them with skilled fashion designers and factories, and overseeing the project until its fruition.

The precise approach varies per project, contingent upon factors such as design concepts, experience levels, and desired customization. The majority opt for the ODM or private label approach.

In general, we observe a high retention rate among these projects, with stores replenishing their designs and progressively expanding their collections with additional designs.

Success stories

Below, we delve into some of the success stories we are privileged to have been a part of.

Please note: Out of respect for the confidentiality of the involved stores, we maintain anonymity in our storytelling, as the stores involved prefer to keep their suppliers undisclosed to competitors.

UK Wholesale Triumph

One of our longstanding clients, this store embraced our private label service in 2021, becoming one of our earliest adopters. Over the years, the variety of designs and quantities per design have seen rapid growth.

In a recent shipment, we delivered 37 large boxes of winter clothing, prompting FedEx to dispatch an extra truck to accommodate the load.

Such popularity has led the store to explore wholesaling opportunities, now distributing through their own website and platforms like Faire. Their expansion efforts even took them to the renowned Playtime kids fashion trade show in Paris, to connect with additional wholesale buyers.

Down Under Store Ascends

Specializing in Korean fashion, this store faced logistical challenges due to seasonal disparities between Korea and Australia. It meant that the shop had to purchase Summer stock 6 months in advance of the start of their Summer season, which was a strain on their cash flow. Or they had had to try to purchase leftover Summer stock when Korean brands already moved on to the Winter season, which often led to disappointment when insufficient stock was left available.  

Private label became the solution, enabling them to customize designs based on past Korean bestsellers while aligning with current trends and seasons. Gradually, they transitioned away from ready-made Korean fashion, with shipments of their own label becoming a weekly occurrence from our Korean office, to meet their growing demand.

US Embrace of Diversity and Disney

Recognizing the popularity of Disney-themed clothing, particularly among Korean brands, several US stores achieved remarkable success with these offerings. However, one store noted a disparity in representation among the Disney princesses, predominantly featuring lighter-skinned characters like Elsa. Responding to customer demand for diversity, we assisted in diversifying their inventory to include characters like Moana, Jasmine, and Tiana.

Additionally, the store capitalized on nostalgia by reintroducing top sellers from previous years, such as Christmas-themed Disney apparel, meeting fervent customer requests.

We chose KKAMI private label because of many reasons, one being the quality they had to offer. The process was very easy as their attentiveness and priority to their customers is elite. They helped with colors, private label tag design, fit of the garments, etc., and were there every step of the way till it was exactly what we envisioned, they truly helped us bring our designs to life.

Cierah & Rosa (USA)

In summary, these success stories underscore the transformative impact of launching one’s fashion brand, propelled by strategic collaborations, creative adaptation, and a deep understanding of consumer preferences and market dynamics.

Note that these are just a handful of success stories. We are happy to share more or provide references upon request. And we would love to add your success story to the growing list of successes.

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