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On this page we will explain how our private label services work.

It is a dream for many of our buyers: to one day launch their own fashion label. KKAMI is here to make that dream come true and you will be surprised to learn it will be much easier than you might imagine.

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We have the whole ecosystem here in Korea to make your own label.

Fabric Market

Seoul has one of the biggest fabric markets in the world. And compared to other Asian fabric markets we have a lot wider variety and better quality of fabrics available.

Related Businesses

All related businesses like printing, special dying, pattern makers, grading, packing, designing etc are all clustered nearby.


So many choices of factories and of course we are working only with the proven ones. Most of them also manufacture some of the big brands listed on our website.

In Short

You may expect the same level of amazing customer service and support from KKAMI as with your regular order. But these are some key differences in the order process.

Here are the key points of our service:

Minimum Order

The minimum order will vary depending the complexity of design, fabric type and the number of size groups.

 The minimum for restocking an existing design is roughly 100 pieces per design.

And for relabeling or making a customs design with 4 different sizes it will be at least 30 pieces per size per style.

Lead Time

The manufacturing itself can take about 1 month.

And when making custom designs the design and preparation process will take a couple of months. So be sure to plan ahead when you want to get started.


The minimum order is quite low compared to what most factories require and designs are customized only to your store. So it is not necessarily cheaper than purchasing products from our KKAMI site. Only when you manufacture on the same scale as the brands on our site (they make hundreds of pieces per size) will you be able to end up with a lower product cost.


The products you designed for your brand are yours only! We won't offer the same product to anyone else.

This only applies to custom designs. It does not apply when relabeling or restocking existing designs.

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Want to restock a sold out design?

At some point the brands will stop restocking designs to move on to a new collection. But maybe that product just happened to be your topseller. Or maybe you discovered the product just after it sold out. So sad!

No problem, because most brands will gladly restock old releases if you order in bulk.


Want to sell an existing design with your label?

It is also possible to relabel existing designs that you see on our shop page, but we need to get the brand’s permission for that to avoid copyright issues. And some small alterations, like a different color, can help sell it better.

The exact requirements for these white label and ODM projects may vary per brand.

Custom Design

Want to make your own design?

You can customize more of an existing design (private label) or even come up with your own design (OEM). You can choose the fabric, sizing, color options, and all design details to make the product uniquely yours.

This is a more intensive process which requires more of your involvement and some experience is recommended.

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We are happy to assist you with your project!

Please read the articles above for some more helpful information. And you may always contact Jiyoung for any further questions. Her address: [email protected]


Happy Client!

“We have been long-time customers of KKAMI, going on 4 years now! We fell in love with the up to trend designs and quality of the products they provide across the board. After being open for a year, we decided it was time for us to design our own items.

We chose KKAMI private label because of many reasons, one being the quality they had to offer. The process was very easy as their attentiveness and priority to their customers is elite. They helped with colors, private label tag design, fit of the garments, etc., and were there every step of the way till it was exactly what we envisioned, they truly helped us bring our designs to life.

We chose KKAMI and Korea private label because of the quality of their fabrics and ability to create seamless designs while also remaining ethical and sustainable which was very important to our brand. We cannot imagine making these products anywhere else.

We are forever grateful for KKAMI,  Jiyoung, and everyone who helps make things possible for small businesses such as ours! We have nothing but amazing things to say about the process from start to finish.”

Cierah & Rosa (USA)

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