• Easy online ordering
  • Worldwide shipping: delivery usually within 3-4 days with UPS
  • Low minimum order: only € 500. That now converts to $753.40 in your currency.
  • About 7 days processing time and to confirm availability
  • Businesses only: account needed to order
  • Duty free import to any EU country


You need to register on our website to see our wholesale prices and to be able to order online.

Registration is free and with no obligations. By registering you will automatically subscribe to our e-newsletter.

You need to create an account on this page:


We only sell to retailers (resellers), not to individuals. Registration on our website is required in order to see the wholesale prices.

Be sure to provide your company name at the checkout. After we receive your order we might contact you with some questions about your shop to confirm that you are a professional retailer.


You must order at least a total of € 500.00 (including shipping) of one brand or a combination of brands. That now converts to $569.74 in your currency. Our website will warn you when your order does not meet this requirement. You will not be able to complete your order at the checkout page unless your order meets this requirement.

For the clothing and shoes you are required to order a minimum of 3 different sizes for each color that you want to order. There is no obligation to purchase all colors of the items of your interest. For clothing that comes 2 sizes you are required to order every available size. The requirement to order at least 3 different sizes does not apply to socks, decorations, toys, and accessories. After we receive your order we will review it to assure it meets this specific requirement.


We ship worldwide! You can choose between 3 different shipping options (UPS, EMS or registered airmail) or arrange your own transportation. To some countries we can only offer UPS shipment.

More information to help you choose the best shipping option.

The shipping cost depends on these factors:

  1. weight and volume of your order
  2. the destination country
  3. the shipping method

The shipping cost will be calculated after you enter your country at the cart page or at the checkout page.  On those pages you will see the difference in cost for the 3 different shipping options (if available). The shipping cost will update when you add more products to your cart.

Examples of shipping cost to common destinations:


1 kg is about 20 hats, 15 t-shirts or 6 dresses.

There will be additional cost that you have to pay to the transporter directly:

  1. Duty (import tax); buyers from the European Union (EU) do not pay any duty for the Korean products offered on this website. More info
  2. Value Added Tax (VAT) or sales tax. More info
  3. Extra fee; this is a service charge that is usually between €10 and €30 for most countries, but could be more when shipping a wide variety of products with UPS. More info

Shipping time is about 3-4-days with UPS, 7-10 days with EMS and 1-3 weeks with registered airmail. The exact shipping time depends on the destination and customs procedures. You can track the progress of your shipment online with a Track and Trace code.

The goods will be shipped at your risk and without insurance, unless you timely request us to arrange insurance at your expense.

It is possible to request a second shipment if part of your order needs more time to get ready. More info



The transporter will bill you for any duty and related cost that applies to your order on behalf of the customs authorities.

Customers from the European Union (EU) do not pay any import duties for the Korean products offered on this website. This is a benefit of a Free Trade Agreement between Korea and the EU.

Please take note that it may occur that the transporter or the customs authority applies the wrong duty to your shipment. This is beyond our control and can sadly not be resolved by us directly. We cannot be held responsible for errors made by others and will not be able compensate you for the duty. Luckily it will be relatively easy for you to request a refund from the transporter or the customs authority.

Note: some of the products are made in China and this is clearly noted in the product descriptions. EU customers pay duty on products that are made in China (on average 12%).

Whether customers from non-EU countries need to pay duty depends on the country and products. You can usually find more information about duty and import taxes on the website of the customs authority of your country.


No pre-order: everything is directly available from stock.

We sell from our suppliers' stocks. We work hard with our suppliers to make sure that availability is correctly indicated for the products offered on our marketplace. However, we are handling many brands, many products, and only fast-selling items. Therefore it can occur that part of your order is out of stock. We normally need about 7 days to check the availability of your order.

We will lower your order when it is partially unavailable. In this case we will inform you of this by e-mail as soon as possible. You may then replace the unavailable products with other products. We will refund you for any balance that remains.



You can pay in Euros or in US dollars. The other currencies displayed on our site are for your reference only.
You can change the currency on the shop page, cart page and checkout page.

Three methods of payment are accepted:

1. Credit Card or Debit Card

You can pay your order by using a credit card or debit card. We accept these credit cards:

This is totally safe: the payment will be securely processed on the PayPal website and your financial details are never shared with us.
No PayPal account is needed for this!

For this payment method we charge you an additional fee of 3.4% of your order total (including shipping). This fee will automatically be added to your order total.
Your credit card company might charge you for paying in Euros or US dollars when this is not your primary currency. Those charges and all other credit card cost are at your expense.

2. PayPal

For this payment method we charge you an additional fee of 3.4% of your order total (including shipping). This fee will automatically be added to your order total.
PayPal will automatically convert the payable amount to your primary currency. There is no need to hold a balance in Euros or US dollars to make a payment.

3. Bank Transfer

You can pay by bank transfer in Euros or US dollars to our Korean bank account. You will receive our bank details by e-mail after placing your order.

We require that all international transfers to us be made with the OUR instruction. The OUR instruction means you pay for all transfer charges and this guarantees that we will receive your payment in full.

Additionally, your bank might charge you for currency conversion. Those charges are also at your expense.

Note: You will need to pay 100% in advance. We will only start processing your order as soon as you complete the payment. The faster you pay, the earlier we can ship.
Payments using credit card, debit card or PayPal can be processed directly after placing your order. This is therefore the fastest way to get your order processed and shipped.
The payable amount includes shipping.


All our prices are without Value Added Tax (VAT) or sales tax.

You will not be billed VAT by us, but will need to pay local VAT or sales tax to the transporter upon receiving the goods.


We offer you the possibility to order samples of our brands. Samples will give you a good idea of the style, quality and sizing of our brands. Samples are not free! Read more about ordering samples.


Our product information normally includes the dimensions of the product and sometimes also explains the sizing. If not, here is our size guide.

Clothing sizes:

Korean Children Clothing Size Conversion Table

American, British and Australian sizes are based on the age of the child, while in Europe the size is based on the child's height in centimeters. In our experience the clothing is generally small fitting.
Please note that Koreans have a different way of calculating their age. It is therefore not recommended to use the age indications on the sizing charts of Korean brands, unless it is indicated in months.

Shoes sizes:

Korean Shoe Size Conversion Chart Children
Korean Shoe Size Conversion Chart Junior


Check our Frequently Asked Questions first!
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