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Dinnerware made in Korea.

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Nineware dinnerware in the pursuit of aesthetic practicality

We are very proud to introduce a kitchenware brand for the first time at our wholesale site, Nineware was recently added to our site and we would love to introduce this cool brand to you.

The safest material was the most important aspect to choose this brand, so all these items are BPA free and antiseptic certified by Korea Conformity Laboratories. Due to its light-weight but very durable material, it doesn’t break when it falls off the table or to bring on a picnic or camping trip. It is also safe to clean by dishwasher and to use it in the microwave for a quick heat-up. The products are all made-in-Korea.

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Fall release schedule

In August the Fall collections will become available. The first Fall releases are now already available on our site. But the bulk of the releases are expected in the second half of August. The first Winter products won't be ready until October.

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The Summer 2019 products are now pretty much all sold out. You may always try to order products from previous seasons, but please be warned that they might not be available. It is recommended to order new releases if you don't like the risk of items being out of stock.

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Very happy with their service

They go above and beyond to make sure all questions and concerns are answered. I love being able to support a company that puts their customers first!

Melissa Philipchalk

Great support and follow up

Great materials. Flexibility toward customers needs.


Very good communication, fast delivery

Very good communication, fast delivery.
Ludo is the best!

Jessie Haes

KKAMI’s team is always so efficient

Greatly appreciate your service! Thanks Ludo for your excellent customer service, always get back to us so promptly and with great suggestions

Vicki Tsoi

Very responsive

Very responsive (despite multiple time-zone differences between us!). Fast shipping & Ludo quickly addressed my questions and took care of any issues I was experiencing when placing my first order.

Lyra McLean

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