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  • 600+ brands; nowhere else will you find more Korean brands. An enormous collection with anything you could imagine. No need to shop anywhere else.
  • 100+ new products added daily. Fashion is all about the latest trend. Our site will always have the newest releases and often within hours of their official release.
  • Made in Korea and based in Korea! Korean fashion designers know what is hot and trendy. We have better quality and working conditions than other Asian countries. We are located right next door to our brands for the fastest logistics.
  • High-quality pictures say more than a thousand words. We know you need good photos to make good sales. You may freely use our beautiful photos after your purchase. You can download them in higher quality and in bulk.
  • Looking for full exclusive and the most unique designs? Then use our low-threshold private label service.

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  • 100+ shipments per week: this allowed us to negotiate the best shipping rates with plenty of options to choose what fits you the best. A tracking code is of course provided.
  • We bundle your shipments, regardless of how many different Korean brands you order. This saves on shipping.
  • Duty free shopping and shipping available for EU, UK, US, CA, AU, NZ, NO, CH, IS, SG, HK. We know all the ins and outs Free Trade Agreements and duty thresholds to save you on import taxes.
  • 11 different currencies accepted, often with domestic bank details. This helps you save on currency conversion and international bank fees.
  • 5000+ orders per season gives us massive purchasing power. So we are assured to get the best prices and support from all Korean brands.

Excellent experience

  • 10+ years in business and we are here to stay! We build a long-term relationship with our buyers. We aim to make you happy.
  • 5-star customer service, satisfaction guaranteed! Don’t take our word for it. Read what 200+ buyers had to say about us.
  • So many ways to reach us, whenever you need us. Chat on our site, or via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Kakao, e-mail, text, and more!
  • An endless number of clever tools to make shopping super convenient, and more added each season. Wishlists, stock estimates, brand ranking, filter by release date,  product recommendations, new release alerts, bulk download high-quality images, and many more.

Lightning fast

  • 10+ staff available for the fastest possible processing, shipping, and support. You need something shipped out? We take care of it within 1 business day!
  • <12 hours response time, on business days. Fast and professional customer care in perfect English. And we can use Google Translate, if needed.
  • <7 days processing time, for most brands and readily available items. You can follow the progress live on our site so you know when to expect the products. And when some products need more time, then we can offer you solutions to receive the rest faster.
  • Delivery within 2-3 days to most destinations with courier services. And we will do our best to assist you when there is an unforeseen delay.

Featured Brands

Brand Highlights


Oott Bebe – Brand Highlight

Oott Bebe is topping the charts as our bestselling brand this week. And it even ranks #1 as the brand with the most sales this month of May. These high sales numbers are thanks to its new Summer 2022 releases, including many cute Disney-themed designs.

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Ciel de Maman

Ciel De Maman – Brand Highlight

Ciel de Maman is one of our featured brands and they just released their second Summer drop for 2022. So now seems like a good time to tell you a little more about this awesome Korean baby and kid’s fashion brand.

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Coming Online Now

Spring 2024

Happy New Year!

We are super excited about this new year and curious to see what amazing fashion trends the Korean brands will have for us. Luckily we don’t have to wait long because the first Spring 2024 releases have already been added to the site.

Many more are still to come in the next days and weeks. To keep you in the loop, we’re planning to send out a special newsletter when more is available, ensuring that all our registered wholesale buyers are promptly informed about the commencement of this exciting new season.

While you’re browsing our website, don’t forget that you can still shop from our Winter collections. However, it’s important to note that most brands have stopped restocking 2023 products and recent Winter 2023 releases were launched with very limited stock. This means that the availability of Winter products, including new releases, is very uncertain now. You may have noticed that several designs are already labeled as sold out on our site.

To stay up-to-date and not miss out on the latest fashion trends from Korea, we encourage you to visit our website regularly. The Spring 2024 releases are just the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of Korean fashion, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon. Happy shopping!

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Featured News

Riding the Korean Wave

In recent years, the global phenomenon known as the “Korean Wave” has taken the world by storm, captivating audiences with the mesmerizing beats of Kpop and the captivating narratives of Kdrama. This cultural tsunami has not only influenced the entertainment industry but has also left a permanent mark on the fashion landscape. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the popularity of Kpop and Kdrama has sparked a worldwide interest in Korean lifestyle and fashion, and looking at the Korean government’s role in fostering this cultural exchange.

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