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Dinnerware made in Korea.

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Nineware dinnerware in the pursuit of aesthetic practicality

We are very proud to introduce a kitchenware brand for the first time at our wholesale site, Nineware was recently added to our site and we would love to introduce this cool brand to you.

The safest material was the most important aspect to choose this brand, so all these items are BPA free and antiseptic certified by Korea Conformity Laboratories. Due to its light-weight but very durable material, it doesn’t break when it falls off the table or to bring on a picnic or camping trip. It is also safe to clean by dishwasher and to use it in the microwave for a quick heat-up. The products are all made-in-Korea.

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Summer 2020 is here!

The first Summer 2020 products are online already. Over the next few days we will hopefully be able to add more from the new Summer collections.

The Spring collections are now quickly going out of stock. Order your Spring products now if you still wish to restock some of those. But please understand their availability is really unsure at this time.

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Always happy when I placed order with KKAMI.


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Animal Baby


Ludo couldn’t have been more helpful, I recommend KKAMI wholeheartedly.


Super original items and great customer service

Super original items and great customer service. I’m only a small business and Ludo has helped me out a lot.

Femke de Jong

The service at KKAMI is absolutely incredible.

Ludo always makes sure to go above and beyond for his customers, so I always feel very confident ordering from him and the KKAMI team.

Alyssa Jouk

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