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Oott Bebe – Brand Highlight

Oott Bebe is topping the charts as our bestselling brand this week. And it even ranks #1 as the brand with the most sales this month of May. These high sales numbers are thanks to its new Summer 2022 releases, including many cute Disney-themed designs.

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Ciel de Maman

Ciel De Maman – Brand Highlight

Ciel de Maman is one of our featured brands and they just released their second Summer drop for 2022. So now seems like a good time to tell you a little more about this awesome Korean baby and kid’s fashion brand.

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Fall 2022

The most frequently asked question these days: “When are the new Fall 2022 collections arriving?

Last year the Fall season started on July 23 with Aosta. They were followed by a few other popular brands, including Bebe Holic, La Camel, The Beige, and Digreen, on July 27. Then in the first week of August we saw new releases come available every day.

It is likely it will be like this again this year. We expect that the first Fall 2022 release will be available in the last week of July. In the first week of August we plan to send out a newsletter to alert all registered wholesale buyers about the start of the new season.

Most brands are going to take a short Summer break in the second week of August. It is likely that there will be fewer new releases during that week. But we expect that there will be especially a lot in the week after that.

You can still shop from the Spring and Summer collections. But please keep in mind that brands have stopped restocking Spring products a few weeks back and will now gradually stop restocking Summer designs as well. So the stock of Spring and Summer products (even new releases) is quite uncertain now. You might have noticed quite a few designs are already labeled as sold out on our site.

Please visit our website regularly to not miss out on the newest fashion hits from Korea.

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