How to successfully launch your own Korean fashion brand?

Profitable Passion: Turning Your Love for Fashion into a Successful Brand

Launching a successful clothing line involves several key steps and considerations. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you get started:

  • Get the timing right: make sure you get the collection manufactured and delivered to your store or warehouse before the start of the new fashion season. This way you have the whole season to sell through your stock. The later you launch, the less time you have to sell the items at full price. And of course, it does not reflect well on your brand when your new releases move to the sales section of your store within just a few weeks.
  • Plan ahead: the manufacturing itself can take about 1 month, but the process before that will often take a couple of months. So be sure to plan ahead when you want to get started. Especially the first time the planning and preparation can take a bit longer. We see that new brands will often struggle to make quick decisions on their first collection. They often second-guess their own design choices and might want some changes after reviewing the samples. Those changes can delay the launch of your collection. And there might always be some unforeseen delay in production or transit. So be sure to allow yourself enough time if this is your first design or first collection. This will save you a lot of potential stress.
  • Start with white label or ODM: find an existing design you like and have that made with your brand tags on it. This is fastest and easiest, because the design patterns are readily available. Of course, small alterations, like a different fabric or other color are always possible and a good idea to make the design uniquely yours. This is the most common approach for our clients.
  •  Start small: first get familiar with the process and see how your buyers respond to your designs. If sales go well, then you can expand your portfolio with more designs and stock larger quantities. It is wise to find a factory willing to manufacture in lower quantities. And once the design is fixed it is relatively easy to make more of that design, if sales are better than anticipated. So better to start small and make more later, than to stock too much and get stuck with too many clothes in your warehouse at the end of the season.
  • Marketing is a must: you can spend a lot of time and money on making an awesome collection. But don’t forget to also spend time and money on selling them. You are going for brand name recognition and that takes time and effort. A well-planned marketing strategy is crucial to attract customers and generate sales. Instagram is a very popular channel for fashion and there are lots of paid promotion options. Also, consider working with a fashion or lifestyle influencer or blogger to get exposure for your products. This has worked wonders for many of our clients.
  • Don’t start from scratch: it is wise to already have a customer base and sales channel in place when you start. This will allow you to more quickly sell your new fashion collection. Selling through various channels can increase your reach and revenue. And the experience with your customer base will help you pick the designs with the best potential for your own collection.
  • Find the right supplier: I am here to tell you that adding private label products to your business plan does NOT have to be a headache or stressful. The great thing about private labeling is that, once you find the right partner, they do all the heavy lifting. A good manufacturer will have the expertise to bring your vision to life.
  • Strong brand identity: a distinctive brand identity is crucial for standing out in the market. Differentiate your brand from competitors to avoid getting lost in a crowded market.
  • Focus on quality: Using quality materials might cost a bit more, but it will lead to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Make sure you have enough budget: ensure you have a realistic budget and sufficient funding to cover all aspects of launching your line. This should cover the cost of the product, but don’t forget the cost of shipping, import taxes, and customs fees. And be sure to allocate enough money for marketing because even the best designs won’t really sell without exposure.
  • Don’t limit yourself too much: make design choices that appeal to a broad audience and allow you to sell for a long period of time. If you make a dress it will only sell to girls/women, but unisex apparel you can sell to anyone. So with gender-neutral designs you have a bigger market. And sleeveless tops will really only sell in the Summer, but a long-sleeve tee can sell in both Spring and Fall, and even in Winter when combined with a vest or cardigan. So it is wise to go for designs that sell for more seasons. Finally, following the latest color trend will help make a hit this season, but might be hard to sell again next year. So a more timeless color and pattern choice will give you options to carry the product longer.

Remember, thorough planning, understanding your market, focusing on quality, and proper marketing are key to launching a successful clothing line. Good luck with your fashion venture!

Success stories

The tips we share in this blog post are valuable lessons we learned from supporting many KKAMI clients with launching their own fashion labels. We wrote another blog post with case studies of some of these successes.

KKAMI will help you succeed!

We have helped many buyers successfully launch their own brand over the last years. So you can trust on our experience to guide you through the whole process. And most private label projects can already start with a relatively low minimum order.

Do you have questions about private label or other custom work? Or are you ready to start your first project? Contact our private label support.

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