Relabel Designs

Launching your own fashion design can be super easy. You find a clothing item you like and we relabel it with your brand name.

White Label

You select an existing design and we only relabel it. Quick and easy! This is the fastest way to get started with your own fashion brand.

This is where most KKAMI clients start when they create their own fashion label.


This stands for Original Design Manufacturer. In this approach you make slight alterations to an existing design before we relabel it.

This is the recommended next step after one or two seasons of using the white label approach.


How does relabeling work at KKAMI?

Select design

You e-mail us the design you wish to relabel. If possible, please share the link to the product page.

Brand approval

We talk to the brand to get their approval. This is essential for copyright purposes.

We will also confirm the exact minimum order requirements and timeline with the brand.

Customize design

We discuss the alterations you wish to make to the design, like changing the color.

This is optional.

Making labels

We make labels on it with your brand name on it. We can also make custom care labels.

Cost: Basic main logo labels cost $162.94 per 1,000. And care labels are about $86.90 per 1,000.

Down payment

We require a 50% down payment on the order before manufacturing starts. Production starts as soon as the payment is confirmed and after that we can no longer cancel or change the order.


Manufacturing usually take takes about 1 month.


Products will be shipped to you as soon as they are available.

Learn more about shipping.

Final payment

A final invoice will be issued as soon as the products are shipped. The unpaid balance needs to be settled within 7 days.

Time to Start

Jiyoung is ready to assist you with this project. You can contact her on this address: [email protected]

Be sure to mention to her when you are already a KKAMI customer.

Get more info

What to relabel?

We can even relabel sold out designs. So you are not limited to the current KKAMI collection. You can also pick from previous bestsellers.

Want more customization?

Custom Design

It is also possible to make bigger changes in the clothing design, like different sizing, different fabrics, etc. Or you can make a design from scratch. This is a bit more advanced and we will share fabric swatches and samples along the process.

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