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Eepple – Brand Highlight

Eepple was recommended to us by LALA. And when your top-selling brand tips you on a new brand you give this newcomer a serious chance. We have seen many of our customers do the same.
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Closed during Korean Thanksgiving 2018

In the last week of September will be a big Korean national holiday. From September 24 to 26 we will close our office. This will cause a small delay in our response time and order processing time.
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New kids brands this Fall 2018

We keep adding new kids brands to our site and now carry over 80 brands this Fall. In this post we list the newcomers that were added.

Bene Bene group order for FALL 2018

Bene Bene’s new Fall collection was released and we are planning to bundle some Bene Bene orders and would love to include yours.
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Fall 2018 to start soon

The Fall 2018 collections will start to come online on August 15. And the Winter 2018 releases are expected early October.
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Here are a few photos to give you an impression of the Playtime Paris show.
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Vacation time – July 19 to August 14

We will be taking a short vacation to get refreshed before the start of the new season. From July 19 to August 14 we will close our office.
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Order delays during Playtime Paris

Next week we go to Playtime Paris with 5 Korean brands. Because of this we will close our office from June 28 to July 4.
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Privacy Policy Updated – June 2018

We updated our privacy policy and add an option to manage your cookie preferences. Find out more in this post.
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We have a special offer for big spenders. If you spend over €1000 euro on products we will give you €100 euro store credit to immediately spend on our sales items.
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Meet us at Playtime Paris

We will attend Playtime Paris next month and we will bring 5 of our top brands with us: LALA, Flo, Tutto Bene, Puco and Arim Closet. We would love to meet you there!

Puco – Brand Highlight

Sleepwear and playwear sets sell well all year round. Puco has consistently sold better than all other sleepwear brands for the past two years. In this post we will have a closer look at Puco’s success story.
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