From today we implemented a new tool for creating wishlists. Now it is again possible to add items to your wishlist directly from the shop page.

You can add the items to your wishlist using the links with the heart symbol on the shop pages and product pages. And just visit this page to view your wishlist.

Why a new tool?

The previous tool that we used for wishlists was renewed/updated a while ago. The update sadly removed some useful features that our buyers really enjoyed. So we searched for an alternative. After some searching and testing, we implemented the new tool today.

What is new?

Most important is that now it is again possible to add items to your wishlist directly from the shop page. Many of our buyers loved that feature and were sad when this option was no longer available. Now we are happy to have this option again.

The wishlist also looks a bit more modern. And you can quickly access and review it right on the shop page without leaving the page.

One useful feature we sadly lost in the change. Now it is no longer possible to easily move items from your cart to your wishlist.

What happened to the products on my wishlist?

Perhaps you already added items to your wishlist previously, using the old tool. Those items will not be showing on the wishlist page now. Please don’t worry because they are still available on the old wishlist page.

You can continue to access your old wishlist until July 1, 2024. After that date we will completely remove the old wishlist tool and all old wishlists.

It is not possible to add any more items to your old wishlist.

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