Tags, packaging and barcoding

Our products will generally ship without swing tags or barcodes and in bulk packaging. We now offer new services to make things easier at your warehouse or fulfillment center and to have the products ready to be shipped to your buyers.

80 customer reviews

Today we received our 80th customer review. And all 80 reviewers awarded us 5 stars!

Customer survey results

In the last week of 2018 we sent out a customer survey to buyers who purchased from us in 2018. The survey gives us guidance in setting priorities for 2019.

30x Five Stars from happy customers

We are proud to have received our 30th FIVE STAR review today. This week alone we had 3 happy customers give us the perfect score. This makes us so happy!
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20x a 5-star review by customers

We are overjoyed with 3 excellent reviews in a single week. This makes a total of 20 5-star reviews on our Facebook page.
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Shop Currency

$$$: you can now pay your orders at KKAMI.nl in both Euros and US dollars. And for your convenience we added a currency conversion tool in our shop so customers can choose to see the prices in any of the most popular currencies. This way we hope to reach more retailers around the world.
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Chat with us!

There are already many free and easy ways to get in touch with us. But we decided to make it even easier to contact us. Just click the small window at the bottom right of any page of our site. If we are online you can chat with us: live!
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Customer reviews

KKAMI takes customer service very serious. So we are very pleased with these 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. We installed a slider on our homepage and shop page to share these reviews with visitors to our site.
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Speak English, please!

Our complete site is now available in English. This allows us to introduce Korean children fashion to retailers worldwide.  
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