Tags, packaging and barcoding

UPDATE October 2022: this service is now only available to private label customers.

Our products will generally ship without swing tags or barcodes and in bulk packaging. We now offer new services to make things easier at your warehouse or fulfillment center and to have the products ready to be shipped to your buyers.

Hang tags

We can have swing tags printed with your store’s name and logo. We can add any other information you might want, like a general care instruction, store policy, brand story, or your store address. These tags are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We grouped the popular choices in 3 options:

The minimum order is 1,000 tags per option. For some materials the minimum might be higher. The printing time is usually about 3-5 days.

The cost will be between 150 to 200 EUR for the most basic options. Please contact us for an exact quote on the desired design.

We can also attach the tags to the clothes in your order if you also use our packing service (see below).


We can have each item in your order nicely folded and individually packaged.

The prices for the packing depend on the order size.

Order sizePacking (without barcodes)
0 to 50 pieces70 EUR cents per item
50 to 250 pieces65 EUR cents per item
250 to 1000 pieces60 EUR cents per item
More than 1000 pieces55 EUR cents per item


And if your order fulfillment relies on barcoding, then we can have those printed and attached as well. Barcoding is only available if you already opted for the hang tags or packaging options.

The prices for the barcoding depend on the order size. Adding the correct barcodes to the right product requires accuracy and should not be rushed. It can only be done quickly for bulk orders with many quantities in the same size and color. That is why we discount the pricing some for larger orders.

Order sizeAdding barcodes
0 to 50 piecesOption not available
50 to 250 pieces20 EUR cents per item
250 to 1000 pieces15 EUR cents per item
More than 1000 pieces10 EUR cents per item

Barcodes need to be provided in an A4 printable template with 65 barcodes per sheet (5 by 13) or 48 barcodes per sheet (4 by 12).

Each barcode sticker should also have a shortcode to allow us to quickly match the barcode sticker with the correct product, size and color. For example: the BELLA BAMBINA, Big Box Long Dekki Tee, beige, M could get shortcode BEL-Big Box Lon-beige-m. The barcode would then look something like this:

How to use this service?

Are you interested in using these new services? Then simply contact us and let us know which service you wish to use. We can then make the arrangements for you and add the related fees to your order total.

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