Milestone: 200 reviews from happy customers

This week we received our 200th review. We are incredibly proud of the many kind words we have been receiving from our buyers over the years. Thank you all so much and we promise to keep offering you the 5-star customer service that you have come to expect from us!

You can read through the 10 pages of reviews here:

Or keep reading this post for a summary and the highlights.

Word cloud summary

Satisfaction guaranteed!

On average we get 5 out of 5 stars from our buyers! The word cloud in this post shows 40 of the most common terms used in the feedback that we have received, and it paints a clear picture.

Our customers consider the customer service as excellent with fast and professional responses and great communication. KB from the United States exemplified it as follows: “Ludo provides excellent customer service. Every single email was responded to either right away or a day later. He is extremely helpful and answered all my questions.”

And they are very satisfied with the product offer, especially with the quality. Krista from the US wrote: “Absolutely loved every garment received. The quality is outstanding from the fabric used to the stitching and design.”

In many of the testimonials, the reviewer mentions how happy their customers were with the products. And they often suggest they will soon return for another order, which is something we are happy to see confirmed in our sales stats.

Room for improvement?

From the 200 reviews only five of them did not award the maximum of 5 stars. They awarded us with 3 or 4 stars and in their reviews expressed some clues to why they didn’t give 5 stars:

  • One wished that more details on the clothing description would be available, such as information on the fabric composition.
  • One mentioned that items were out of stock quickly.
  • One pointed out that the minimum order requirement was problematic for their startup business.
  • One complained about high customs fees in France and difficulty to find mom + child collections.

The first two comments we have also seen in several of the other reviews. These are shortcomings of our business model that are hard for us to resolve.

About the product information

The product information on our site is provided by the brands. We will always make sure that pricing, size and color options, and photos are available for each product. And we will add a size guide or age indications when it is provided or when we notice that a non-standard sizing is used.

But sadly in most cases we don’t have information on the fabric composition readily available. And with 600+ brands and over 20,000 new designs each season it is simply impossible for our small team to search for this information or chase down the brands for it. Often the information will be available on the tags in the clothing, although not always in English.

We hope this type of information will become available more easily for future collections. We will most certainly add it to our site if that happens.

It is possible to make a smaller (sample) order for those who have concerns about the quality or composition before placing a larger order. Here is more information on how that works:

About the stock availability

The second shortcoming has to do with the fact that KKAMI doesn’t carry the stock. We sell from the stock of our suppliers. As a result we don’t have direct insights in stock availability and this means availability cannot be guaranteed.

We will confirm what is available once we process your order and inform you when anything is sold out or on backorder. It takes us usually up to 7 days to check what is available and to receive the readily available items. Sold out items will be refunded and backordered items generally restock in 1-2 weeks time. With most brands we will make paid reservations to assure that you will get the backordered products as soon as they restock. But this also means that those backordered items cannot be changed or canceled unless they end up taking more than 2 weeks to restock.

Once you ordered you will get access to a page where you can track the real-time progress of your order to see what is available for you. We recently added a neat feature that makes it easier to request additional shipments which is especially handy when part of your order needs a bit more time to get ready. Because we have several discounted shipping methods available the additional shipments often won’t actually cost you too much extra.

For those preparing an order we do our best to give you an idea of the stock situation. On the product pages and cart page you will see a stock estimate for each product. The cart page will warn you when you add items from previous seasons, since their availability is more uncertain. In general, we recommend ordering from the current season and the newest releases if you are looking for more certainty. Ordering at the start of the season is also recommended for this reason and it allows more time when we need to wait for new stock on backordered items (if any).

We welcome your feedback

Our buyers are encouraged to share their experiences with others. After your shipment is delivered we will reach out to you to ask for your opinion on our service and products. Feedback can be submitted conveniently through our site on this page:

We always verify that the review is submitted by an actual buyer to keep it clear of spam.

Recent reviews

Below are some of the most recent reviews that we received:

Great service & Amazing quality clothing

I just made my first order recently and the service was excellent and the stock is high quality. Ludo answered all my questions and was very swift in preparing my order. The ordering system on their website is very easy to use. It’s also detailed, clear and the updates are great. My order arrived within 1-2 days which was fantastic! I’ve placed another two orders and I’m looking forward to receiving them. Thank you Ludo and the team!


Service is excellent! Highly recommend KKAMI

The service level is excellent. The whole process from becoming a customer to receiving the order went perfectly and they offer a lot of help and support.
The products are perfect.
They definitely exceed our expectations when it comes to customer support.

KKAMI is definitely 11/10!


So happy with the quality!

So happy with the quality! I’ve placed my second order right after I have received my first order! Couldn’t be more happy. Looking forward to place more orders in the future!


Best service and nice clothing

I have never experienced better service than this. Ludo has been updating me and his reply is so fast. Thank you for having the best experience with KKAMI.



Customer service: always kind, always helpful, always fast!! Products: good quality, great variety!! Sometimes things are out of stock but they are great to keep you updated on production and give you options and get things out in a timely manner. 5 stars for KKAMI!

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