We added several important new functionalities to give you more insights in your shipping cost, and more control as well.

Change shipping method

We offer various shipping methods. You can choose a shipping method at the checkout. But maybe later you change your mind and want to switch the shipping method? Now you can easily update the shipping method on our site. You can do that on the Order progress page.

New options on the Order progress page

The shipping cost varies per shipping method. The Order progress page will show you the cost for each of the available shipping methods. And this information is automatically updated when part of your order is sold out or canceled, and also when you add more products to your order.

Additional shipment

By default we will hold the shipment until your orders are 100% completed. But maybe this takes longer because you added another order or because part of the order is on backorder. You don’t have to wait because we offer the option to make an additional shipment. Before you had to request an additional shipment by contacting us. Now it is possible to request a shipment on the Order progress page.

More new options on the Order progress page.

We can make as many shipments for you as you need and whenever you want. We will process your shipment request the same day, unless it is received during the weekend or a holiday or when the transporter already collected the shipments for that day. In those cases, the shipment will be processed the next business day.

Additional shipments affect your shipping cost. You will be presented with the cost to ship the currently available items and you will also see the cost to later ship the rest of your order. For each of those shipments, you can select a different shipping method. In some cases, it can save you money on shipping if you select a cheaper shipping method for the additional shipment.

Store products or hold the shipment

You can also ask us to hold the shipment (so that you can order more) or store the products (to ship with your next order). In the past, this was also something that you had to request by contacting us. Now it is possible to indicate such preferences on the Order progress page.

Click the button to change your Ship preference.

You can then choose the Ship preference that fits you.

When you select to hold shipment, then you can take your time to create an additional order. After you place the additional order, the Ship preference will be updated to ‘Ship when my order is 100% ready’.

Additional shipping on additional order

We add hundreds of new products every week with new updates every day. So it can happen that you placed an order and then see something new that you simply must have as well. You can always make an additional order and in that case no minimum order requirement applies.

Of course, the additional products will also affect your shipping cost. The website will show you how much the additional shipping cost is going to be for the additional products. It will show the cost on the Cart page and on the Checkout page. This gives you better insights into what the order will cost you.

When you make the additional order you also have the option to select a different shipping method. The shipping method you select at the checkout of the additional order will then become the default shipping method for all your orders. You can always change this again later, as discussed earlier in this post.

Order progress page with new functions.

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