Cheaper shipping to the US

US buyers take note!! Smaller Fedex shipments are now highly recommended:

  • save on shipping,
  • ship out faster,
  • and receive it faster!!


We recently received more favorable Fedex rates for small shipments to the US. Shipments up to 16kg are now a lot cheaper.  On average, the cost for such small Fedex shipments went down with 15%. And for the relatively smaller shipments (2 to 4kg) the cost went down with an average of 29%.

We did the math and found that splitting a larger order up into smaller shipments will reduce your total shipping costs.

Faster to be shipped:

Splitting an order into smaller shipments also allows you to receive the readily available products before the full order is completed. So you can start reselling the products more quickly.

Faster to be delivered:

Large shipments require special customs clearance procedures (under the Free Trade Agreement) and this too often leads to serious delays. Smaller shipments are faster in delivery since they bypass customs clearance.

Our recommendations to US buyers:

We recommend US buyers to split orders of more than 900 USD in 2 or 3 smaller shipments. This will save you on shipping cost unless the shipments become too small (less than 2.5kg).

The ideal shipment size is between 2.5 to 12kg, or more than 36kg.

When you make a large order (over 36kg; roughly 2600+ USD), then making a single large shipment will be the cheapest. But with such a large order there is a fair chance that at least some part will be on backorder. And waiting for that will then delay the shipping of the full order. So you might still want to split the order up into smaller shipments just to receive the readily available goods more quickly.

How to make use of smaller shipments:

You can review your shipping options and request a shipment on this page at any time:

You will see an alert near the top of the page when it is recommended to ship out the available products first in a smaller shipment.

Here is how the alert will look like:

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