Cheaper Fedex shipping, especially large shipments

We have renewed our contract with Fedex and negotiated better rates. Especially the rates for Fedex shipment to the US and Europe improved. And large shipments over 20 kg got cheaper for all destinations. The new rates are available on our site from today.

Up to 60% lower Fedex rates for large shipments

Large shipments have received a massive discount. On average the Fedex cost for shipments over 20 kg has lowered by 38%. For some destination, the decrease was as high as 60%.

Large Fedex shipments to the US got 40% cheaper. And to most European destinations the cost for large Fedex shipments lowered by 33% on average.

Smaller Fedex shipments to the US got 15% cheaper on average. And to Europe the cost for smaller Fedex shipments decreased by 7% on average.

Compare rates for your country

Are you curious what the new Fedex rates for your country are? And how they compare to other shipping methods?

You can review the cost in the table below:

Domestic shipping within Korea: $5.44 per shipment.

Start using Fedex for your orders

The new Fedex rates are available from this moment forward.

When you make a new order you will see how much the shipping cost is on the cart page and on the checkout page. The improved Fedex rates will now be showing on those pages.

If you already placed an order and that order has not yet shipped, then the new Fedex rates will be available to you too. At any time you can review your order progress on the My Account page and on that same page you can also review the shipping cost. Just visit this page: and there you will now be seeing the improved Fedex rates. If you already had Fedex selected, then the new Fedex rates will automatically apply and no further action will be needed. If you had another shipping method selected, then you can choose to switch to Fedex at any time (as long as the orders are still processing).

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