Availability is not guaranteed!

KKAMI doesn’t carry the stock for the products. Instead we sell from our suppliers’ stocks. We depend on our suppliers for the stock information, but sadly this information is quickly outdated. So it may occur that products you ordered are no longer available when we process your order. It usually takes us up to 7 days to confirm availability of your order.

We of course regret it when products are unavailable. But please note that the unavailability of part of your order doesn’t give you the right to cancel other products that are available.

What happens when products are unavailable?

When products are unavailable they are either sold out permanently or they are on backorder and will return in a little while.

Sold out

We mark a product as ‘out of stock’ on our website when it is sure that it is sold out. You won’t be able to add ‘out of stock’ products to your shopping cart.

If a product in your shopping cart goes out of stock before you checkout, you will see an error message on the cart page that asks you to remove the product from your cart. You won’t be able to complete the order with an ‘out of stock’ product in your cart.

It may also occur that a product turns out to be out of stock after you place your order. In this case we will inform you of this by e-mail as soon as possible. You may then replace the unavailable products with other products. We will give you store credit or a a refund for any balance that remains.


You will automatically receive an e-mail when a product in your order is backordered. We will hold the shipment until the product restocks.

In most cases restocking takes 1-2 weeks. We are usually not informed of the exact restocking schedules. A note will be added to the backorder status of the product when a restocking date is known to us.

Backordered items with a paid reservation cannot be cancelled. But you are allowed to cancel products with the ‘backorder’ status if the backordered product doesn’t have a paid reservation or when it has been on backorder for more than 2 weeks.

You may also request for two shipments in which case we ship the readily available products and make a second shipment later with the backordered items. There might be a small additional shipping fee for sending more than 1 shipment for you. On this page you can find more information on this option.

How big is the chance that products are unavailable?

We can never give you full certain about availability before we process your order. But there are some ways to guess the risk when you are making your order on our site. In general you can expect older products to be more likely to be unavailable.

  • Bestsellers: Those products are so popular that the supplier intends to keep selling it. It might happen that the product is temporarily unavailable when there is too much demand, but in that case the supplier will restock the product as soon as possible.
  • Newly added products: Those products have the ‘new’ badge showing. They are most likely in stock. It can still happen that really new products are on backorder when demand is really high.
  • Two to six weeks old products: At this point the stock is starting to run out. Suppliers will usually restock the products that are popular, but unpopular products might not restock.
  • Early releases: The products that were released at the start of the season will most likely be unavailable later in the season. Stock availability is usually very uncertain if a product is more than 6 weeks old.
  • Previous seasons: Products from previous seasons have the most uncertain availability. At the start of the new season the products from the previous season might still be available. But at that point the suppliers stop restock those older designs and focus on their new collections. So the products from previous seasons will quickly go out of stock and they won’t restock unless they are all-year bestsellers.


Here are some shopping tips to help you avoid shopping unavailable items or at least be aware of the risk:

  1. Shop new releases: Don’t wait too long before ordering from new releases. The best would be to place an order as soon as they are released. Keep an eye on our social media fees for updates on new releases. Or subscribe to an e-mail alert for new releases of your favorite brands.
  2. Shop from the current season: Avoid products from previous seasons if you don’t like the risk of sold out items. You can use shop filters to limit your shopping to the new season only.
  3. Keep an eye on the published dates: On the product page you will see the date that the product was published. The older the product is, the more likely that it is unavailable.
  4. Check the availability indication: The product pages show how likely the product is available. And the same information is also showing on the cart page for the products that you added to your cart. The cart page will even alert you when you added products from previous seasons to make sure you are aware of the risk that it is sold out.
  5. Don’t delay restocking your bestsellers: If your shop is quickly running out of certain items then it would be wise to reorder them as soon as possible. We offer to temporarily hold the shipment of the reorder so that you can add more products to the order later.
  6. Be careful when allowing your customers to pre-order: Be sure that your customers understand that the availability isn’t guaranteed. You can give them more certainty once the products are shipped to you.
  7. Inform us when you want to sell sets: Some buyers want to resell a top and bottom item as a set in their shop. That can create a problem when part of that set is unavailable. Be sure to tell us when you want to sell items as sets. In that case you should let us know as soon as you place the order. We will then try to process the items as a set and cancel items when the matching product is unavailable. Please understand that we cannot be sure that the supplier will cooperate, but we will try our best for you. This extra service we can only offer when sets are made from products from the same brand.
  8. Don’t spend time look at sold out items: You can use shop filters to limit your shopping to the products that aren’t labeled out of stock. Just note that this doesn’t assure the products are in fact still available.
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