Updated on December 29, 2020

We offer you the option to request a second shipment at a capped low additional shipping fee!

You select a transporter when you place your order. At that time the shipping cost for your order is determined and added to your order total. That shipping cost covers the shipping of all the products in one single shipment, which is the most cost effective way to ship (lowest price per kg). Making two smaller shipments is a more expensive than one larger shipment because the cost per kg goes up when the shipment gets smaller. The extra cost depends on many factors, like the original order size, the transporter, the size of part 1 and the size of part 2. We decided to simplify things by setting a low capped additional shipping fee for splitting your order in 2 shipments.

Note: the option for split shipments is only available to orders over $524.16. Smaller order, such as sample orders, are not open this option.

Why make two shipments?

Maybe you are you in a hurry to receive your order, but some products aren’t ready to be shipped yet? In that case you can request us to split your order and make two shipments. The first part will be shipped right away and will include all the readily available products. The second part will be shipped when the rest of your order is ready or at any time you want.

What are the cost?

We will only add max. $10.48 to your original shipping cost for making a second shipment if your order is between $524.16 and $2,096.66. Buyers with an order over $2,096.66 will not be charged any additional shipping cost at all for this service.

It is important to realize that making two shipments also affects the extra fees you pay to the transporter for customs services. The transporter may prepay duties, taxes and other government charges on behalf of the receiver. The transporter will usually charge you a disbursement fee (also called ‘customs clearance fee’) for this service. With two shipments you will pay this fee twice!
Read more about the extra fees on this page.

When is the best time to split the order?

The best time to ship part 1 is when a large part of your order is ready and the rest of your order is either on backorder or status ‘unknown’.

You can check the status of the order fulfillment on the ‘my account’ page.


Storage: You can also ask us to store part 2 of your order and ship it together with your next order. This is a good option when you only have a few products that aren’t ready yet and you intend to order again soon.

A few notes on storage:

  • Storage is free, but you will be required to fully pay for the products that we store for you.
  • You can store products for max. 2 years. After 2 years we will consider the stored goods as abandoned and will donate them to an orphanage.
  • Cancellation of stored items is not allowed.
  • Your final invoice will only include the shipping cost of part 1 of your order.
  • The shipping cost of your next order might increase due to the extra weight of additional products in that shipment. The extra shipping cost will always be less than $10.48.

Cancel unavailable products: You can ask us to cancel the products that aren’t ready yet. In that case you will be refunded for the cancelled products and part of the shipping cost.

A few notes on cancelling:

  • You are only allowed to cancel products with this order status:
    • Not (yet) processing
    • Backorder; only those without paid reservation or on backorder for more than 2 weeks
    • Unknown
  • You are not allowed to cancel products with this order status:
    • Processing
    • Ready
    • Backorder with paid reservation and on backorder for less than 2 weeks
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