Oott Bebe is topping the charts as our bestselling brand this week. And it even ranks #1 as the brand with the most sales this month of May. These high sales numbers are thanks to its new Summer 2022 releases, including many cute Disney-themed designs.

Curious what all the excitement is about? Below are some highlights of Oott Bebe’s newest hits.

And keep reading to learn a bit more about this cool Korean brand!

Summer 2022 highlights

See the full Oott Bebe collection here!

Background of Oott Bebe

Oott Bebe is located in Namdaemun Market, Seoul. It opened its’ door in 2017 and has been growing steadily ever since. Oott Bebe makes clothes for newborns to 7-year-olds. And occasionally they also have couple set designs for both mom and child.

The brand’s mission is to “make clothes with the heart of a mother”, meaning they focus on what is good and necessary for children. Comfort is therefore guaranteed!

Oott Bebe is one of the reliable brands that take pride in safety. Its’ products have received external KC certification and are recognized for both durability and suitability of materials. It uses certified organic cotton for some of its newborn baby designs.

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