Now is a good time to get started with your private label if you wish to launch this Fall. So let’s have a closer look at this process.

We sat down with Jiyoung, our lead in these projects, to discuss some of the common questions we get from interested buyers.

Who can make use of this service?

We support all small fashion brands and multi-brand shop owners to create their own clothing lines. You can start with a small quantity and we will be more than happy to grow together. And you don’t have to be a regular KKAMI buyer. Anyone is welcome to start this journey with us.

And it doesn’t have to be just kids clothing. We make adult clothing too. We can even make hats, socks and other accessories.

Is it suitable for all shops?

Yes, it is suitable for all shops who aim to launch their own premium & high quality clothing. But it seems to be an especially good fit for shops that know what their buyers like and have a steady customer base.

Can I also do this even when I have no idea about designing clothing?

Yes, you can! We will support you to realize your rough idea into actual clothing lines with our expertise in design, sourcing and manufacturing! You don’t have to know how to make patterns or anything like that. We can take care of that for you. We got several independent designers on speed dial or we can borrow one from our top brands to help out with the patterns and fine-tuning your designs. You only have to know what you like. Come with a clear vision on your designs and we can take it from there.

Where do people find inspiration for their designs?

Everywhere! You can be inspired from social media feeds (check some of these: link) to art galleries. Or just look around you and see what other people are wearing on the streets or on TV. If you are still not sure what to do, you can look around our KKAMI wholesale website (link), where you will surely be inspired with so many different styles and designs of clothing.

Have you done this before?

We helped two of our loyal customers launch their own styles in 2020. Based on those experiences we decided to roll out this service and make it available for all KKAMI customers. Since this Spring we started about a dozen new projects and we are ready to take on more.

What were important tips/lessons from previous experiences?

From these experiences we can suggest that you start with designs that sell all year. Seasonal items will limit the time period in which you can sell through your stock.

And another tip: when you see that some of your designs sell well then you can easily relaunch the same design with different fabric and color options next season. Small alteration like changing long sleeve to short sleeves or working with a thicker fabric for the colder seasons are easy to make. It will be quick and easy since the patterns are already ready to use.

How are the working conditions at the factory?

In general here in South Korea we have high level of working conditions following Korean government rules and regulation. The minimum salary is in fact the one of the highest among OECD countries (read more here if you are curious about this: link) and the child labor is strictly prohibited for decades already. Plus we work only with proven factories that we have visited personally to assure all is in good condition.

Do you also make the clothing tags, labels, coat hangers, packaging, barcoding, etc?

Yes, we do most of that as well. If you can send us your own design, we will send you over the quotation. And please find more details about those additional services here: link).

Where can I find more information on private label?

We created a webpage with a lot more useful information about the options and process. On that page we discuss the minimum order requirement and the processing time. And lot’s more, so be sure to have a look there: link

How can I reach you for my questions?

I hope this interview answered a lot of the questions you might have. Please send us the sample request (link for the attachment) when you are ready to get started. You can reach us for that on [email protected].  You can also send us any questions you might have on that email address.

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