Instagram is a powerful sales and marketing channel for fashion retailers. We see this with many of our customers. But it is also a great way to get inspired and to get a sense of new fashion trends. We compiled a list of Korean Instagram accounts for you to follow when you are interested to see what is trendy in Korea.

Since Instagram is a visual oriented medium it doesn’t really matter much that the posts on these accounts are written in Korean, because it is mostly all about the photos.

And to help you find more on your own we also listed some useful Korean hashtags at the end of this post.

Our top recommendations:

MilKorea is the account from MilK Magazine Korea. Perhaps you are already familiar with the French Milk Magazine which you cannot miss when visiting big European Kids Fashion tradeshows. It is a renowned lifestyle magazine for the modern family. Currently they have 69 thousands followers.

Codimap operates two Instagram accounts for a large Korean online fashion mall. One is dedicated to posting daily coordination looks for women and the other does the same with men styles.

Yojeumhot posts about what Korean celebrities are wearing these days and other fashionable looks they spotted on Korean TV shows.

We got to know SSOM when we carried their fashion brand a few years back. Their mom and daughter looks with a streetwear styles were well received by our buyers. These days they are not that active with their brand but SSOM is still sharing occasional posts with their over 19 thousand followers. Now the posts are of a more personal character, but still mostly fashion and lifestyle related and shows SSOM has a keen fashion sense.

Korean fashion influencers and models:

These people are really passionate about looking fashionable in the latest Korean fashion:

AccountFollowersStyle millionWomen, family millionMen thousandMen thousandWomen thousandWomen thousandMen thousandWomen thousandWomen thousandWomen thousandYoung women thousandBoys thousandBaby thousandBoy toddler thousandGirls thousandGirl toddler thousandBoy toddler thousandYoung family thousandBoy thousandKids

Various others that we really like:

AccountStyleé interior interior hobby (camping) care care care interior interior life life life interior life hobby (bicycle) life careé interior life life life care life bags artist artist artist style style


Looking for more interesting fashion posts from Korean accounts? Then we recommend using these Korean hashtags in your search.

#데일리룩Daily look
#데일리코디Daily coordination look
#오오티디Outfit of the day
#여자코디Woman coordination look
#패션스타그램Fashion (general)
#오피스룩Office look
#여친룩Fashion (women)
#꾸안꾸코디Fashion (casual)
#맘코디Mom coordination look
#아들코디Son coordination look
#딸코디Daughter coordination look
#맘스타그램Mom look

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