New USD bank account for US buyers

Effective immediately we have updated our bank information for payments in USD by US buyers.

US buyers with unpaid invoices have already been informed of this change. And from today all new USD invoices will be issued with the new bank details, if that payment method was selected.

When to use these bank details?

These bank details are only to be used if all the below conditions apply:

  • The invoice is in the USD currency.
  • The payment method is bank transfer.
  • The buyer is located in the US.

Non-US buyers have to send their USD payments to our Korean bank account. Those details have not changed.

New bank details

  • Account holder: KKAMI
  • Bank account nr.: 8310263775
  • ACH and Wire routing number: 026073150
  • Account type: checking
  • Bank address: Community Federal Savings Bank, 89-16 Jamaica Ave, Woodhaven, NY 11421, United States
  • Currency: USD (payments in other currencies will fail)

Some banks might ask for KKAMI’s address. Our address will be printed on the pdf invoice that you received after the checkout. This is a Korean address and not all banks will accept a foreign address for a domestic transaction. If your bank requires that we provide a US address, then you may use the bank address as KKAMI’s address as well. This usually works.

We bank with the online bank Wise. They partner with Community Federal Savings Bank for their US bank accounts.

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