LALA – Brand Highlight

LALA has been KKAMI’s bestselling brand for years. Its Rabbit Suit brought the brand early success and still ranks number one in our sales. Time to have a closer look at our favorite brand.

Started at home

LALA started the same way as so many brands do. Jayjay was first making clothing exclusively for her own children and was soon asked by other mommies to sell some to them. That is how LALA got started in October 2015. The brand name sums up Jayjay’s design ambition to make children happy, since “lala” is the sound of having fun. The original brand logo underscored this by adding the smiley face emoticon: “LALA :)”

Early adopters in Europe

Already within one month a couple of European shops noticed the new LALA brand and decided to give it a try. Their customers loved the natural and cozy style and the LALA products sold out within 2 weeks. These early adopters really embraced the LALA brand and promoted their LALA products on social media. As a result LALA’s brand awareness and sales increased dramatically throughout its first season. So Jayjay had to quickly scale up to keep up with demand. Really exceptional is that LALA has always been more popular abroad than in Korea. Over 120 shops outside of Korea have stocked LALA products and most of them have become loyal resellers of the LALA brand.

Thousands of Rabbit Suits

In LALA’s second season Jayjay really struck gold when she introduced the Rabbit Suit for the first time. The Rabbit Suit has been LALA’s bestselling product ever since. Over the past two years Jayjay created summer and winter suits based on the same design, which all sold well, but none of them ever matched the success of the original Rabbit Suit. The Rabbit Suit sales are higher than the sales of all other LALA products combined.

LULU spin-off

When LALA was one year old it got a little sister called LULU. Just like LALA, this new brand had its big break in its second season when it launched its Tyranno Suit. LULU had impressive sales thanks to the Tyranno Suit, but never matched LALA’s enormous popularity. This season (Spring 2018) Jayjay decided to integrate the LULU and LALA brands. Jayjay: “The brands were pretty similar in style and our customers often confused LULU with LALA. I also believe that the LALA brand can grow more because now I can again give it my full attention.” The fans of the Tyranno Suits have no need to worry though, since that bestseller will continue to restock. But all other LULU products are now quickly going out of stock.


KKAMI has helped LALA out from the beginning to deal with its amazing international success. Jayjay refers all non-Korean buyers to KKAMI, so that she can focus on her design work and on her Korean customers. KKAMI also set-up and manages the LALA brand website to give the brand a stronger internet presence. In the near future we plan to bring LALA to a large European fashion trade show. Until then we recommend you check out the newest LALA collection on the KKAMI website:

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