Children’s Club Report – August 2019

After successful shows at Playtime Paris and Pitti Bimbo Firenze, both shows held in Europe, we decided to meet our North American buyers this time by attending Children’s Club in New York last August! During three days of shows, we had such a privileged chance to meet our current and potential clients, which was absolutely a great time for us!

We brought two of our best-selling brands: LALA and Guno. Since both brands are mainly popular in Europe, we were curious to see how the North American market would response and we definitely see the big potential for both of brands. LALA’s animal bodysuit lines once again proved that it can sell anywhere and all year round. On top of that, the new design called, “Angel suit” got so much attention as well due to its detachable wings on the back and incredibly soft fabrics.

Among quite traditional collections presented by the majority of exhibitors, Guno was definitely one of the outstanding labels in terms of its unique color palette in favor of earthy tones and gender-neutral styles. Many boutiques and retailers who carry the leading trendy brands showed big interests and placed their first orders as well. We are quite convinced that this Korean children fashion label will continue to grow in North America and Europe.

We love to introduce the best quality of Korean brands to a global market through different trade shows. So definitely we will continue our journey to explore different shows! Please stay tuned to get updated about our next upcoming shows!

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Photo impressions of the show:

KKAMI booth
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