Peekaboo – Brand Highlight

We had so many buyers asking about new Peekaboo releases. We are happy to say it is online now. And we would love to share a little more about this popular Korean sleepwear brand.

Retail powerhouse

Peekaboo is a brand that started as a retail business in 2014 and has grown steadily through its Korean blog and social media promotions. One year after its launch they started selling wholesale.

The Korean brand excels in its approach to the Korean consumer market. Peekaboo is constantly communicating with customers and promoting products through (Korean) social media. Complaints are always quickly resolved with kindness and friendliness, which has helped to build trust with their customers.

Large collections and large stock

Each season Peekaboo releases about 100 new designs spread out in several drops. And because it sells so well it carries a lot of stock. It is also not uncommon for the brand to continue stocking items from previous collections. This gives buyers an enormous wide variety of styles to choose from and makes Peekaboo the go-to sleepwear brand for many of our resellers.

Soft fabrics and uncomplicated designs

Rather than glamorous and complicated designs, Peekaboo pursues more simple but sensuous designs that can be naturally blended into our daily lives. It generally uses pale colors, natural tones, monotonous patterns, and plain fabrics.

Peekaboo is recognized for its comfortable materials and high quality. Peekaboo customers often come back to repurchase. As a result, Peekaboo is one of Korea’s best indoor clothing brands.

Family oriented

Most of the Peekaboo designs are 100% unisex, but there are always cute exceptions to that for the girls. The season collections always include both babywear (from newborn) and kidswear (including junior sizes). And in recent years Peekaboo increasingly added more and more matching adult sizes. Last year we even saw the first dad sizes for their most popular designs, and we hope to see more of that this year.

The good nature of this family-oriented brand is perhaps best illustrated by its good deeds of helping single mothers through sponsorships of single-parent families. In short, we can summarize that Peekaboo is a lovely brand in every sense.

Be sure to give Peekaboo a try if you haven’t already!:

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