Aosta is one of KKAMI’s top brands. The brand ranked 4th in our 2021 sales. And they just released their Spring 2022 collection. Time to have a closer look at this top-selling brand.

Brand Background

The brand name comes from the Northern Italian city of ‘Aosta’, and it is one of the cities that represents the feeling of the Middle Ages. As you can see from the brand name, there are many children’s clothes with a predominantly classic and sophisticated feel. The brand itself stems from more recent times but still has about 10 years of experience in the fashion industry.

In Korea Aosta only sells wholesale and mostly relies on online resellers to reach Korean buyers. As a high-quality brand, it is a reliable brand that takes pride in safety as infants and young children are the main customers. As such, it is a brand that is very well-known and respected in the Korean community.

The Aosta Identity

Aosta uses a variety of colors, but you can mainly find soft tones and neutral tone colors, such as beige and ivory. These are the most suitable color tones for everyday wear and make the styles appealing for both boys and girls. Aosta complements this with styles that combine black and white or have a simple pattern, with check and dot patterns being most popular. In Aosta’s prints, light tone colors are used to emphasize the cute feeling. The combination of soft tones, patterns, and prints makes for a lively all-around collection.

Common Styles

The Aosta collection always includes a line of indoor clothes or homewear with cute designs for infants and toddlers. Patterns using flowers, bears, and fruits are often seen and add freshness and cuteness to the collection.

The Aosta bucket hat, which uses different/appropriate materials for each season, is one of the items that are consistently loved by our consumers and is a design that goes well with any Aosta clothes.

Although the brand mostly focuses on baby and kids’ clothes, it also had a lot of success with matching mom styles. These make for a great family look.

And you can never go wrong with Aosta’s knitwear styles that match all the other Aosta designs.

Highlights From Spring 2022
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