Seoul is the hub for Korean fashion. There are thousands of Korean fashion brands located in the Namdaemun Market and Dongdaemun Market districts. The go-to place for women’s fashion, and the biggest by far, is apM. In this post, we will give you a little more insight in apM.

apM Style

apM was founded in 1999. Its name is a combination of the AM and PM time indication and was chosen to imply that the mall never sleeps.

It is Korea’s biggest B2B fashion wholesale market location and prides itself as the main hub for K-fashion global sales. It houses over 1,300 brands across three buildings. Together these brands release more than 50,000 different designs every month.

At 3 buildings

– start of Korean fast fashion

– men’s fashion stores available only in apM

– VIP lounge and translation service available

apM Luxe

– specialized in women fashion

– from B2 to 6th floor

– high quality with a unique design

– also many accessories stores


– opened in 2016 to become the world wholesale market  

– proud of the best quality with made-in-Korea and trendy design which releases every week

– the best class of fashion brands are clustered

– premium brands are located from 5th to 8th floor


KKAMI carries several of apM’s most popular brands and will continue to add more. It will largely depend on the ready availability of quality product photos.

You can find KKAMI’s women fashion wholesale collections here:

We also launched a new Instagram page only for Korean Women Fashion:

Please follow us there for more new brands and new releases for Korea’s best women’s fashion.

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