Shop tip: brand ranking and other brand tips

We now have over 400 brands to choose from and we keep adding more. This can make it quite a task to decide on the right brands for your shop. So we added some tools to help you decide.

NEW: Brand filters

This new feature was added later (in August 2022). For each brand, we added a classification for category (baby, child, junior, women) and for style (activewear, colorful, elegant, etc).

At the top of the brand page you can find the category and style for the brand. You can then click on each term to find more brands that match this term. This is an example from LALA:

You can also filter down the brand list using the category and style values. You can find the filters here. Here is what it looks like:

Top 15 brand lists

A good way to choose a brand is based on sales performance. If it sells well on KKAMI, then there must be a good demand for that brand. And the topsellers are usually the brands that many of our regular and bigger buyers have good experiences with and keep ordering season after season.

You can find the top 15 brands on our brand overview page. There you will actually find 3 different top 15 lists:

  1. Top 15 brands for the most recent week (Monday to Sunday).
  2. Top 15 brands of the current month (up until the most recent Sunday). This excludes sales from the current week.
  3. Top 15 brands if the current season (up until the most recent Sunday). This excludes sales from the current week.

The lists also show how each brand ranked in the previous time period. This way you can see which brands are consistent top-sellers and which are new hits or rising stars.

The ranking is updated each week on Monday morning.

Brand rank

We also added the brand rank for each brand to the brand page. We did this for each brand, so not just for the top 15 brands.

The rank you see is based on the sales for the recent week (Monday to Sunday). And it is updated each Sunday night.

Here is an example for Monbebe (at the time of writing this post):

You can find the same rank on the brand tab for each product. Here is an example of that:

Featured brands

We created a shortlist of brands that we would like to recommend to you. These are all brands we work closely with and have a very good experience with.

You can find the featured brands on our brand overview page.

We also marked them as featured brands on the brand page. Here is an example from the Lala brand page:

You can also see the same info on the brand tab for products of featured brands. Here is an example of that:

Alerts on your favorite brands

We also made it easier to stay updated on the new releases for your favorite brands. Just click the text at the top of the brand page to subscribe to new releases alerts. After subscribing you will receive an email alert every time a new product is added for that brand (usually 4 to 8 times per year).

This is what that link looks like:


  • The subscribe link will not show when you are not logged in.
  • The subscribe link will not show when you are already subscribed for alerts for that brand.
  • New release alerts are sent out once per day. So you will receive the alert for your subscription within 24 hours after the new releases are published.
  • You can subscribe to a maximum of 10 alerts.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time through the link in the email alert.

Bestsellers for each brand

A few weeks ago we also added product recommendations at the bottom of each product. These are intended to help you to more easily find products of your interest. The recommendations depend on which brand the product is from and in which product category it is listed.

Each product page will show two sets of product recommendations:

  1. At the bottom of the page you will see the bestselling products for the same brand.
  2. Above that you will see the bestselling products withing the same product category.

So if you are looking at a baby romper from LALA, then at the bottom of the page you will see 4 LALA products with the most sales. And above that you will see the 4 products in the baby category with the most sales.


  • The recommended products are focussed on products that are available. So it excludes bestsellers that are known to be sold out.
  • The recommended products are focussed on products from the current season. So it excludes bestsellers from previous seasons.
  • The recommended products won’t include the product you are currently looking at. So it could be that the product you are looking at now might have more sales than the recommended bestselling products.

Get inspired on our Instagram feeds

We try to post about the major new releases on Instagram. So our Instagram feeds are very useful for getting a quick impression of brands.

Just scroll down the feed and click on the post if something catches your eye. The post will generally include a few more photos of the same collection and the name of the brand. Then visit our brands overview page to find the brand and click on the brand name to see the full collection for that brand.

We have two different Instagram accounts:

  1. Baby and kids fashion:
  2. Women:

Brand background

We try to share information on the brands we carry. But with more than 400 brands it is a big task, so we won’t always have this information available (yet).

If available, then you will see that information on the brand page. Here is an example from the Aosta brand page:

You will see the same info when you look at a product by Aosta and click on the ‘Brand’ tab. It looks like this:

And for the most popular brands we try to share a bit more in the form of a brand highlight post. Click here to read an example about Bebe Holic.

Here you will find all our brand highlights: /category/all/brand-highlight/

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