Yesterday Bebe Holic released their Spring 2021 collection. They are the first brand to kick off the new season. Let us introduce this brand to you in a bit more detail.

Rising star

Bebe Holic is definitely one of our rising stars, especially if you are looking for the baby clothing that are suitable for boys and girls. Ever since we’ve added this brand last year, it has been growing so fast. The best-selling items are the baby bodysuit lines and the size covers normally from 3 months to 18/24 months old.


Bebe Holic was launched in May 2014, aiming to make the most comfortable and trendy baby clothing in Korea. The brand name is a play of words referencing to this ambition and devotion (‘-aholic’ indicates a person who is addicted to something).

Amazing designs

It aims to reflect the natural and neutral earthy colors on each piece. And their designs often include some highlights using simple patterns like circle shapes and rainbows.

The lead designer gets most of her inspiration from travelling around, although these days it is sadly not possible due to the pandemic. And she also takes references through studying the adult’s fashion trends. Researching on social media and reading lot’s of fashion magazines helps as well.

Growing abroad

Bebe Holic is a domestic wholesale brand here in Korea but after joining KKAMI’s portfolio, it also gets a lot of attention from European and American buyers. Bebe Holic loves to grow together with global buyers across all over the world. We hope you will give this brand a try too!

See the Bebe Holic collection!

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