We changed our shipping service for your benefit! Before we shipped all parcels through EMS or the more expensive EMS Premium. This week we started working with UPS and got you some greatly discounted shipping rates.

Key benefits:

  • Shipping only takes 3-4 days (before: 7-10 days)
  • Lower shipping cost: on average 20% lower
  • Tracking the parcel in much more detail
  • UPS offers excellent support from start to finish

Lower shipping cost:

On average the shipping cost will be 20% lower than what is was before. The biggest savings will be for customers in the US (-43%), Canada (-33%), New Zealand (-33%) and customers that before could only ship through EMS Premium (e.g. Spain, Italy, Kuwait).The table below shows a comparison of the EMS and UPS cost for the USA:


Visit this page for more info on our shipping cost: /ordering/#shipping


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