Eepple – Brand Highlight

Eepple was recommended to us by LALA. And when your top-selling brand tips you on a new brand you give this newcomer a serious chance. We have seen many of our customers try Eepple out. We urge you to do the same!

Harmony of modern and vintage

What makes Eepple special is the mix and match of simple and traditional designs which give a familiar and comfy style. On the eco-friendly colors and textiles, Eepple makes harmonious vintage embroidery and printings. The inspiration for their designs is often derived from old buildings, traditional objects (with their own stories), and travel. The Eepple name means ‘pure laughter of children’ in the Korean language and illustrates another dimension of this brand: a fun and playful touch which is reflected in its selection of colors and model photography.

Family business

Uhm Tae-jong and Kim Ah-ram are husband and wife and together envisioned this new brand and now design for Eepple. They launched their first Eepple collection in mid August 2017. Eepple was born from their desire to become independent designers and to put self-made clothes on their child. “We will make good clothes with the mother’s heart that I want to dress my child in”, says Ah-ram.

International ambition

Eepple is a brand with a clear passion to reach an international audience. Right from the start they chose to work not only with Korean child models, but also use a non-Korean model in their photo shoots so to appeal to a larger audience. But they also take bigger steps: this weekend Eepple participates in a 2019 S/S Runway Show at the Vancouver Kids Fashion Week (Sept. 22/23). And their collection was featured in Luna Lookbook, an international children’s fashion brand guide.

Eepple on

Eepple has been with KKAMI since their beginning and we have seen their sales grow steadily season after season. By now more than 40 shops outside of Korea have stocked Eepple since its launch 1 year ago. And no doubt more will be added to that number over the next 12 months. We are currently exploring options to bring Eepple to one of the big trade shows next year.

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