Terms and conditions updated 2016

We have updated our terms and conditions. We added some important passages to make it more explicit how we deal with cancellations, product defects, wrongfully applied taxes, and failed deliveries. And we made some changes related to our new website for women fashion, our new shipping service and a small change in the order requirement.

These are the main changes:

  1. We now also sell Korean women fashion on a second website: kfashion.kkami.nl. We made it clear that the terms and conditions apply to orders from that website as well. There are two important changes related to this:
    • 1) Products on kfashion.kkami.nl may have a different brand name on the clothing tag than is indicated on the website.
    • 2) For the women brands on kfashion.kkami.nl you need to order at least a total of €100.00 per desired brand.
  2. For shoes you are now also required to order a minimum of 3 different sizes for each color that you want to order. Before this requirement only applied to clothing.
  3. We now ship all orders through UPS. We added a passage to let you know that UPS may charge extra fees for dealing with customs for you. Visit the UPS website for your country for more details on these fees.
  4. We made it more explicit that we are not responsible for errors made by the customs authorities or transporter.
  5. You will be responsible for any failed deliveries and any cost that result from this.
  6. We only allow cancellations to some extent. You are only allowed to cancel or change parts of your order that have not yet started processing, are on backorder or are otherwise temporarily unavailable.
  7. We will issue a full refund for products that are incorrect (wrong size, color or design) or are clearly defective. But be sure to tell us within 7 days after you received the products. And send us some photos to show the problem.

Please closely review the new terms and conditions on this page.

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