Bene Bene group order for SPRING 2019

Bene Bene group order

Bene Bene is a brand that is very popular but requires a large minimum order. We therefore cannot offer it directly on our website. To still allow our buyers to order this Korean brand at KKAMI’s low minimum order quantities we organize a group order every new season.

Bene Bene’s new Spring collection was released and we are planning to bundle some Bene Bene orders and would love to include yours.

E-mail us your order before Friday, February 22!

How to order?

  1. Download the order form: Order-form-Bene-Bene-Spring19
  2. Find the products you like on the Bene Bene site and enter them in the order form.
  3. E-mail the order form before the start of Friday, February 22 to [email protected].
  4. That Friday we will e-mail you to let you know if we received enough orders to meet Bene Bene’s minimum order of €1200.
  5. In case we are able to proceed with the order we will send you the invoice. That invoice will also show the shipping cost for your order.
  6. If all goes well we should be able to ship in the first week of March. If you order more products at we will ship those together with your Bene Bene order.


Wholesale pricing

The Bene Bene site only shows retail pricing. Divide the Korean retail price by 1623* to get the wholesale price in Euro.

For example: the Mushroom T is priced at 25,000 KRW. The wholesale price will be €15.41.You can change the currency of the Bene Bene site to KRW at the bottom of the page (click the Korean flag).

*) The conversion factor changes every group order due to changes in the exchange rates.

Order requirements

Bene Bene requires that you order at least 1 of each size for most of the products in your order. Exceptions are possible in some cases, like for a sample order.

You must order at least a total of €500 of Bene Bene products or a combination of Bene Bene and other brands from over €500.The Bene Looks (sets of clothing at a discount) are not available for wholesale as a set, but the items can be ordered individually.

Products from previous seasons and special price category can still be ordered, but might be low on stock or (partially) sold out. You can check the availability by opening the dropdown menu for the size selector. It will say ‘sold out‘ behind unavailable sizes. This doesn’t guarantee availability for the other sizes.


Just send an e-mail to [email protected] when you have any questions.


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