Arim Closet – Brand Highlight

 Arim Closet just released its first few Spring 2018 products. But what makes this brand interesting is that products from previous seasons are often still in stock. The Arim Closet products have timeless designs which will sell well year after year. This means that the portfolio of products to choose from is enormous. And more will be added throughout the year.

Inspired by a baby girl

Jung Jae-Young is the designer of Arim Closet. After her pregnancy she quit her job and decided to start an online business to spend more time with her baby: Arim. She was already an experienced designer with a major in visual design. Both were of great value to her new business.

Still growing

The Arim Closet brand originally focused on items such as mufflers and accessories. As her baby grew, so did her brand. Soon she expanded her product portfolio to baby clothing and her signature baby bands. This cute Korean children brand continues to grow. Jae-Young is looking for ways to expand the offline sales channels and strives to improve brand awareness in Korea as well as overseas.

Warm and luxury baby fashion

Jae-Young only makes clothes that she wants her own child to wear. The Arim Closet products have achromatic and monotone colors while providing a feeling of luxury and sophistication. For the photo shoots Jae-Young uses charming items and lighting to provide a warm atmosphere.

The best quality

All of Arim Closet’s products are manufactured internally and mostly use 100% cotton fabric which is good for children’s skin. Jae-Young takes a lot of pride in the high quality of the Arim Closet products. This is probably the strongest selling point for this Korean brand. You see and feel the quality as soon as you pick up an Arim Closet product.

Arim Closet on

At first KKAMI only carried the bestselling Bunny Knee Socks. In the Summer of 2016 we expanded our collaboration with Arim Closet and we now carry their full collections. After that Arim Closet quickly grew to be one of our more popular brands. In 2017 it ranked as the 7th bestselling brand on This brand certainly deserves a second look if you haven’t stocked it before.

See the full collection.

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